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Do You Have Work Related Deafness?

‘Ringing in the ears’ or tinnitus is common and can occur at any age. A lot of people suffer with tinnitus having worked in a noisy job.

Many people suffer with a persistent buzzing in the ears after working in noisy workplaces like factories, ship yards, warehouses or from serving in the Armed Forces. For most people, this is temporary and soon goes; around 10% of people have prolonged ringing in the ears that is mild and not really irritating.

However, approximately one in every hundred people have buzzing in the ears that continues for most of the time, and seriously impacts their quality of life. The majority of these cases can be traced back to time spent doing the job in a loud environment, often many years in the past and long before the tinnitus became noticeable.

What is the cure to tinnitus?

Many clients who approach Mercury Legal Online tell us that they have created their own white-noise meters by tuning radio onto empty wavelengths and report that the static or ‘white noise’ does relieve the problems to an extent. Lately, digital hearing assistive devices have been launched which claim to help cancel out the buzzing but as yet such aids are not available on the NHS.

What can I do about my hearing loss?

Thousands of people over the UK experience the loss of hearing as a result of excessive experience of loud noise at the workplace. There are a series of conditions such as noise-induced hearing problems and industrial deafness which could have been prevented had companies taken the vital precautions

For those who have suffered from temporary or permanent diminished hearing, tinnitus or acoustic injury due to your career you could well claim for accidents at work through Mercury Legal Online.

Can I make a claim for tinnitus or deafness?

Don’t be convinced that you are able to only claim if your job involves heavy equipment. Deafening factories, bottling plants, nightclubs, harvesting and a whole host of other really noisy working atmospheres can harm your hearing hence making you to eligible to claim.

Have you ever needed to shout to be heard at your workplace and have later found that your hearing has been affected? Then Mercury Legal Online might help you to claim against your employer for commercial deafness.

We specialise in industrial disease and take great pride in our level of customer care and ethics. Regardless of how unimportant you believe your case is, pick-up the telephone as we are right here to help.

It is free to contact Mercury Legal Online and see if we can help with your claim for work related deafness compensation. It costs you nothing to enquire with Mercury Legal Online to see if you may be able to make a claim and you will still pay nothing if you lose through no fault of your own. Call us free on 0800 122 3130 or complete one of our call back forms and we will call you back when it’s convenient for you.

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